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Legacy applications, whether from mergers, acquisitions or replacements cause complexity and cost to the IT portfolio. The data they hold may be valuable and essential to the organisation, but the applications can be increasingly redundant or obsolete.

The DGS Application Decommissioning Solution is a packaged turnkey service that enables rapid and sustainable return on investment with minimal impact on scarce IT resources, allowing removal of the application, and underlying database, operating system and platform, whilst maintaining the value in the underlying data in an easy to access and manage format.


IT Applications are core to the ability to manage an organisation whether they are customer facing, core business resources, or simply repositories of valuable data.

These application help gain competitive advantage in an increasingly complex world.

Organisations have invested huge sums, seeing the opportunity to generate income, manage and retain customers and provide a shop window to their customers.

As technology improvements have accelerated, replacing these applications become more frequent; the legacy application loses its value, but it is not the same with the data held in the application. In many companies mergers and acquisitions have resulted in many duplicate and disparate applications for key business functions.

So decommissioning is a natural part of the lifecycle of the application portfolio, however many organisations have deferred this key activity, leading to a build-up of expensive legacy systems.

Application Data Chart

Why choose DGS Application Decommissioning Solution?

DGS have established an implementation methodology for decommissioning projects that minimises the impact on the IT department's resources, shortens the project duration and provides query and reporting tailored to client organisation, with the flexibility to meet clients' specific needs.


Security built in

The security of the decommissioned data is maintained on several levels: at the functional level, the business object level, and the file level, even while allowing access to the data throughout its retention period. This can be interfaced with existing enterprise authorisation security.


No compromise to data retention policy

DGS will work with your existing data retention requirements or help advise you on best practice policies. Even if you have not documented your data structures, DGS can undertake the necessary discovery process to understand the relationships that will need to be maintained.


Market leading technology

DGS are a specialist IBM partner and use IBM Infosphere Optim Archive Solution as a key part of the decommissioning process. You can be reassured that technology that will support your decommissioning strategy is best in class.


DGS Know-How

DGS Know-How, turnkey project process and market leading technology ensure you will achieve rapid and sustainable ROI.


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[Optim] customers spoke highly of the reliability and high performance of its archiving solution, which sets it apart from other vendors in this space.

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